Your Vote CountsTown of Little Suamico residents can vote at the Town Hall located at 5964 County Road S, Sobieski, WI 54171 between the hours of 7am-8pm on Election Day.

I’m a first-time voter and want to register
To vote in Wisconsin you must first register to vote. You can start the registration process online at My Vote WI: myvote.wi.gov. You can also register in-person at your local municipal clerk’s office, with a special registration deputy, or at the polling place on Election Day. The Voter Registration Guide contains more detailed information about voter registration and proof of residence. 

Voter registration forms are also available here to download. 

I want to vote absentee
Under Wisconsin law, voters do not need a reason or excuse, such as being out of town on Election Day, to vote absentee. Any voter who prefers to vote by absentee ballot may request one. You have several options for requesting an absentee ballot and casting your vote.

**Request an Absentee Ballot 
If you are a registered Wisconsin voter, you have the ability to request an absentee ballot. Visit My Vote WI: myvote.wi.gov or download the Application For Absentee Ballot (EL-121), complete the form and mail it to your municipal clerk’s office. Your application must be received by the clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the election in order for an absentee ballot to be SENT to you.

If you are not already registered, you will need to register to vote before an absentee ballot can be sent to you.

Military and Overseas voters have additional options for absentee ballot delivery. Click here for Military. Click here for Overseas.

**Request an Absentee Ballot by E-Mail or Fax
Regular Wisconsin voters may also request that a ballot be MAILED to them by sending an e-mail or fax to their municipal clerk. This request must be made no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the election in order for an absentee ballot to be MAILED to you.

Deadline for Returning Your Absentee Ballot
Your completed absentee ballot must be received by the municipal clerk no later than  8 p.m. on Election Day.