Fire Dept

The Fire Department was established in 1957.

The Meetings for the Fire Department are held the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire station located at 5974 County Road S, Sobieski, WI 54171.

Anyone eighteen (18) or over, physically and mentally fit to handle the job, is eligible. Applicants requesting membership must not have facial hair in compliance with the S.C.B.A. Manufacturer.

New members will be on a probation period for not less than one (1) year.
Prior to joining, the candidate will interview at an officers meeting.
The officers will present the new candidate at the next members meeting for a vote by the members for the candidate to join the department as a probationary member.
The probationary member will have performance reviews with the officers at the officers meeting at sixty (60) days, ninety (90) days, and one hundred eighty (180) days.
Probation period is also to observe the new member’s attendance at meetings and department job performance. Also, how well they get along with others.
Within the probationary period, the new active members must enroll or be enrolled in an entry level firefighters coarse. They must also be qualified on all of the trucks and equipment, to include a driver operation class. Training sessions are every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. September through May.

Department members have the ability to earn up to $500.00 per via a point system. Payable once a year.